ivey hopes…

I want to not only pursue what it means to have a pure heart, but I want to commit to it. I want the Holy Spirit to fight all these cultural lies that are surrounding our generation, and remind me that He is jealous for me. Why don’t we talk about this? Why don’t we talk about the fact that sex and love and marriage and dating are loosing their weightiness? People are “hooking up” then falling apart only to search harder and faster for something to heal them.

I want the Holy Spirit to be so evident in our love that it changes the way we date. I want people to look at us and see a love alive with a passion from Him and for Him: one that guards and protects and hopes and dreams and mourns. I want to date with the goal of becoming one. One heart and one mind and one soul and one focus and one Love. I don’t want my motivation for purity to be rooted in a pledge card or a religion or a ring. I want my purity to be a consecrated, set apart, holy promise, a vow. To honor what’s been given to me, as well as what hasn’t. I want to show him what it means to be fiercely loved for who he is and what God’s doing in his heart. I want him to want to know me, and to seek first the kingdom of the God who knows me better than anyone else. I want to surround ourselves with people, a community, who can keep us accountable and real. I want His words to penetrate our conversations, not being disillusioned when the billows and the breakers come, but holding fast to what He’s promised, because our God is faithful. I don’t want our relationship to make sense to the world. I think if and when it does, we’ll know that something is drastically wrong. We’ll have missed out on the beautifully rich and lovely and worthy-to-be-praised kind of love that He offers.

Will it be perfect, will our perspective always be focused, and will we will always be successful? No. But we will come running back to Him like we always do. With hearts longing to make it right, and asking Him to redeem and make beauty out of what we’ve ruined.

I’m committed to asking for, and seeking out, and waiting desperately for Love, because that alone is worth living for.

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