ivey hopes…

white: (adjective) : 1 of the color of milk or fresh snow, due to the reflection of most wavelengths of visible light; the opposite of black : a sheet of white paper.
• approaching such a color; very pale : her face was white with fear.
• figurative morally or spiritually pure; innocent and untainted : he is as pure and white as the driven snow.
• (of a plant) having white flowers or pale-colored fruit.
• (of a tree) having light-colored bark.
• (of wine) made from white grapes, or dark grapes with the skins removed, and having a yellowish color.
• Brit. (of coffee or tea) served with milk or cream.
• (of glass) transparent; colorless.
• (of bread) made from a light-colored, sifted, or bleached flour.

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